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Deputy speaker Oulanyah says OTT tax is fair

 Away from Ugandans being enraged by the new social media tax, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah  says the tax is not too much for an average Ugandan.
While  speaking at the launch of the second quarterly report to access the rule of law in Uganda by the Uganda Law Society  today in Kampala, Oulanya has said that since government nerds to improve key government sectors like health and roads, Ugandans should not fight it nut instead embrace it.   .
According to Oulanya the 200 shilling daily tax is too small and will go along way to support government loans in providing good and better services without relying on donor aid.
However, the president of Uganda  Law society Simon Peter Kibobe says they are going to  examine  the legality of double taxation on mobile money transactions  and see if there is a justifiable cause of action to petition court.