EALA legislators argue that Kiswahili should be an official language for EAC

By Gloria Nakiyimba
East Africa Legislative Assembly-EALA is pushing for recognition of Kiswahili as one of the official languages of the Community. The assembly on Thursday passed a resolution to urge the Summit of EAC to amend the Treaty for the establishment of the Community, to make member States promote and allow the use of Kiswahili in official domains.
The Resolution moved by Hon Abubakar Zein, was seconded by Hon Shyrose Bhanji and Hon Abdullah Mwinyi. The Resolution states that Kiswahili is the fastest spreading African language across the globe and that the African Union has made Kiswahili one of its official languages. Proponents contend that making Kiswahili one of the official languages of the Community is one way to deepen and widen the integration process. According to Hon Zein, embracing the Kiswahili language is also bound to increase the participation of the people of East Africa in the Affairs of the Community as well as promote African culture. Kiswahili is flexible and has its root in the Bantu language which constitutes more than 50 per cent of African population.