Kamoga and two other face life imprisonment

By Sania Babirye

The international crimes division of the high court has handed a life imprisonment sentence to the Tabliq sect leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga  , his brother Multabh Bukenya, Siraje Kawooya and Fahad Kalungi.

This is after the court convicted them of Terrorism Monday.

While sentencing them the three justices led by Eziekel Muhanguzi, Percy Tuhaise and Jane Kiggudu ruled that Kamoga and his other convicts   should spend the rest of their lives in prison because they  committed  terrorism and yet they should have developed communities since they were  religious leaders but instead they chose to  orchestrate the crime.

Other convicts Yusuf Kakande,  Fahad Kalungi and Sekayanja Abdul Salam have been sentenced each  to 30 yrs in prison after the court ruled that they  were just followers

The six  were convicted on acts of terrorism against a group of other Muslims with whom they had religious wrangles.

These acts include verbal murder threats and attack on  their reputation such as in the case of Buganda Prince Kasim Nakibinge and Deputy Supreme mufti Muhammod Kibaate whose names and photographs were printed on fliers and distributed to  various  mosques arguing  Muslims to shun them.

On Monday  the same court acquitted the six and 8 others on the charge of murdering fellow  Muslims sheikhs; Mustafa Bahiga and Ibrahim Kirya over luck of evidence .

The justices ruled that all the 36 prosecution witnesses failed to directly link the 14 suspects to the murder charges and attempted murder of sheikh Haruna Jemba.