Improve your home at the least price

DIYs, open your house to minimum cost beautiful living

DIY is the new life charger

In Summary
  • DIYs are the most affordable ways to achieve beautiful space
  • They are easily done in groups
  • Materials can be reusable clothes or plastics
  • There is no limit on how much one can do on these projects 
You can achieve a picture perfect house with just few items and tools.
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A beautiful living space is everyone's right. As a matter of fact having a beautiful home helps you rest better hence improved productivity at work.

Achieving a beautiful home has been demystified as creatives are helping us find better yet cheap alternatives. These may only require knowledge and necessary materials. You can now "DO IT YOURSELF" to perfect home.

The beauty about DIY projects, they can be done in groups which may help you bond with family and friend while you add workable beauty to your space.


Have you ever imagined what common objects such as combs, sponges, sellotape and brushes among others  can do in giving you sophisticated , rustic and textured  finishes on the house walls. Be inspired by the images below:

Brick Patterned Wall using sponge.
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Comb Patterned wall.
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Getting suitable furniture for your house might come at a heavy price. However with a few tools and  materials, old furniture can relive beautifully in your space. Proprietor of Fabulous and Beautiful Homes Online Immaculate Nantongo once shared how she bought some cheap stools for her kitchen and painted them to give her kitchen an elevated feel.

Nantongo's transformed stools
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Wall Hangings:

When it comes to wall hangings one can DIY, there is absolutely no limit to one's creativity. It is only important that one resists the temptation to clutter their walls. Also, look up a few settings to get an idea on how to place your hangings. Commonly, people prefer to hang their framed photos but allow me introduce you to the limitless list of what you can hang on you walls to elevate  your house's look. You can do some yarn art,paper art, metal work, plants in vase hangings and a lot more.

Designed metal hanging.
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Yarn Ombre wall hanging.
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DIY rugs: 

Finding a fine rug comes at a price but have you considered watching a few Youtube videos so you can afford yourself a custom made fluffy yet soft yarn rug at a good price. Depending on what material one can afford, varieties include, sisal, reused old t shirts and towels among others. All material and tools required for this project are available down town Kampala at such an affordable price. There are shops selling yarn, needles, rubber mats around Mini-Price. It is also a good group activity to do.

Shag rugs are also popular
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Rugs made out of old clothes.
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Curtains and drapes:

Plain curtains are sometimes boring and leave your house looking ordinary. To take these a notch higher, consider adding some print, tie and die or ombre patterns to your plain curtains. Simple wood or metal rods also do so much in improving the site of any room.

Deep cleaning and dusting:

Whether used or unused, space will gather dirt after a period of time. It will affect the look sinks, floors, roofs and anything in the house. Opting to give a thorough scrub to some of your home times, will make them super attractive and more user friendly.

Always take time to deep clean your house to give it a fresh look.
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Declattering and organizing: 

Avoid keeping and buying things you do not use in your living space. This keeps your house personalized, spaced and inviting. Use boxes to organise shoes, tools, appliances and any other stuff that are not in use. Organizing your clothes or utensils according to color, material, and size is always a plus. Let your creative juices flow. 

Always keep your wardrobe organised.
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You can  achieve a beautiful pintrest style house at will, good luck!