Uganda Premiere of "Kunda & Friends" Celebrates African Storytelling and Diversity in Children's Media

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  • Ushering in a Revolutionary Wave of Children's Entertainment, Kampala Welcomes the Future of Fun and Learning.
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Kunda Kids, an award-winning children's EdTech and media company, is thrilled to announce the Uganda premiere of its innovative 3D animated series, "Kunda & Friends," at the esteemed Century Cinema Arena Mall on Sunday, April 7th. This premiere not only signifies a crucial development in East African children's entertainment but also continues the series' streak of worldwide sold-out screenings that began with a stunning launch at the Cineworld London O2 Arena and continued through Helsinki, Finland; Nairobi, Kenya; and Lagos, Nigeria.

In stark contrast to many popular Eurocentric shows that have captivated African audiences without reflecting African values and experiences, "Kunda & Friends" offers a culturally rich alternative. It responds to parents' needs for digital content that is both educational and engaging for the family. The series blends educational milestones with African culture through a vibrant soundtrack of Afrobeats, Amapiano, and Reggae, promoting values of friendship, interconnectedness, and well-being among its viewers. It aims to nurture a generation of global citizens who value diversity and unity.

This significant event in Kampala celebrates Ugandan creativity and excellence, with Kunda Kids collaborating with Creatures Animation Studio, an all-Ugandan team, to bring this series to life. Highlighting this collaboration is Ray Malinga, an Annie Award-winning Disney director and co-founder of Creatures Animation Studio, whose creative genius has been pivotal in producing "Kunda & Friends." This partnership showcases the exceptional talent within Uganda’s creative sector and pays homage to the Ugandan heritage of Kunda Kids co-founder Louisa Kiwana Olafuyi, adding a deeply personal dimension to the event.

"We are incredibly proud to introduce 'Kunda & Friends' to my beloved Uganda," stated Louisa Kiwana Olafuyi. "This series is a testament to Africa's boundless creativity, talent, and narratives. We are eager to share these stories with Ugandan children and children worldwide, instilling a sense of pride and belonging in our rich heritage."

"Kunda & Friends" represents a landmark in diversity and representation within children's media, offering young viewers a mirror to see themselves and a window to discover the beauty of different cultures. The series goes beyond entertainment to educate, providing a valuable resource for parents and educators to foster meaningful discussions about the world.

The premiere event is set to be a vibrant celebration of African storytelling, creativity, and the universal values that bind us. Through "Kunda & Friends," Kunda Kids reaffirms its dedication to transforming the narrative of African content for children and fostering the growth of African talent in the creative industries.

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