Children's continued stay at home may trigger more Non-communicable diseases

In Summary
  • Redundancy makes children add weight 
  • children are eating unhealthy
  • parents should help children  be active to reduce fats
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Medics warn that the children’s over stay at home due to school closure may result into more cases of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD’s) in the young generation.

According to Dr. Susan Nakireka the Chairperson Board of Uganda Non-communicable Diseases Alliance (UNCDA) a civil society organization that advocates for the prevention of (NCD’s) many children don’t engage in physical activities which makes them add much weight yet it’s one of the major causes of the non-communicable disease epidemic.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Children sit home and watch TV and those that don’t watch TV study online which they do while seated, this is so dangerous to their lives and it will drive them to develop NCD’s such as cancer, heart attack, diabetes, mental illness, stroke among others which they would have developed when they are older.

Dr. Susan adds that, being that some children live in small spaces mostly those in urban areas, they are always not left with any room to involve in any kind of exercise hence leading to more cases of non-communicable diseases.

However she encouraged Ugandans to always eat healthy if they are to curb non- communicable diseases that have continued to claim people’s lives.

Eat boiled food as opposed to the frying
Susan Nakireka

Susan said that currently people eat foods that affect their blood vessels and cells such as fries, too much meat among others which avails a chance for them to contract NCD’s

Avoiding eating unhealthy diets is cheaper than treating these diseases therefore the public should eat well as doctors regulate.