All is set for the Explore North domestic Tourism Campaign

In Summary
  • The campaign aims at domesticating Uganda's tourism
  • The team will set on Tuesday 30th.05.2013
  • Minister Mugara says the campaign has seen numbers of local tourists shoot up
Minister Mugara speaking at the launch of Explore North.
Image: Julius Luwemba

The state minister for tourism Martin Mugara is positive that the Explore Uganda campaign is building resilience and confidence amongst Ugandans to explore the country. The minister confessed that there has been notable progress in the number of local tourists since the campaign to promote local tourism started.  While speaking at the launch of Explore North, Mugara was confident that this trend will continue until the industry fully recovers from the effects of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities launched the third phase of the domestic tourism campaign that has seen them Explore Elgon and recently Explore West. In the third phase, travelers will explore Northern Uganda where they will savor the beauty of the Northern region. The outstanding areas they are expected to visit include Karuma Dam, where they will get a chance to explore the state-of-the-art electricity generating facility, Fort Partiko, Ajulu Rock, Aruu Falls, The Acholi heritage cultural sites, Murchison Falls National Park, travelers can also help diversify their taste buds by tasting the Acholi boneless fish delicacy locally known as the Nangnang and so much more.  

The Five-day trip will commence on Tuesday 30th May and travelers will be flagged off at the Uganda museum at 9 AM.

Uganda Tourism Board’s Daniel Irunga says that this initiative is meant to support the full recovery of the Uganda tourism industry. “We expect to have 100% recovery by 2024”  Irunga stated. He adds that this campaign is meant to familiarize Ugandans with traveling across their own country and enjoy first-hand experiences.

Ugandan legendary musician Jose Chameleone who will be joining the team to Explore North confessed that he has been traveling around Uganda for the last 25 years but has never toured Uganda. He added that Explore North is an opportunity for him to experience and showcase the beauty of the pearl of Africa through sharing content on his socials.“I am a musical tourist attraction but it is time for me to see the other attractions in my country and I am excited” he said.