Phaneroo Ministries’ longest applause Recognized by Guinness World Records

In Summary
  1. The activity was carried out on Sunday 30th July 2023
Apostle Grace Lubega the Vision Bearer for Phaneroo Ministries International
Image: Courtesy photo

Phaneroo Ministries International was confirmed as World Record Breakers for the longest applause.

On Sunday 30th July 2023, at the UMA Multipurpose Hall Lugogo, the Vision Bearer for the Ministries Apostle Grace Lubega and his team clapped their way into the history books for a record-breaking 3hours, 16 minutes and 1 second.

This record attempt has now been officially confirmed by the Guinness World Records. Apostle Grace said that the spirit of this record attempt was to glorify God through carrying out the longest applause.

“If there’s anything we can do to give glory to God, we will do it. If someone ever asks what the longest applause in history was for, let them discover it was for Jesus, ”Apostle Grace explained.

On that historical Sunday afternoon, the team numbering at least a thousand wrote history one clap at a time .In the UMA showgrounds parking lot, thousands more cheered them on, dancing, singing, praying, and worshipping from the designated overflow area for non-participants.

Across the world, several thousands in the Manifest centers also joined in online.