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Medical intern arrested for bribery in Lyatonde

Emmanuel Mujimy, a medical intern attached to Lyantonde Hospital is in trouble for alleged bribery. The Health Committee of parliament apprehended Mujimy on Wednesday evening and handed him to police on accusations of soliciting a bribe from an expectant mother.

Trouble started when the Health Committee visited the hospital on a supervisory and monitoring tour of health service delivery to residents. During the tour, the committee interacted with some of the expectant mothers. One of the expectant mothers told the committee members that she was held behind because she had to clear a balance of Shillings 40,000.

She claimed that she had paid Shillings 60,000 to Mujimy and was left with a balance of Shillings 40,000 before she could be discharged. As a result, the Kasambya county MP, Gaffa Mbwatekamwa called up Mujimy pretending to be the husband of the expectant mother.

“I pretended to be the husband and raised the health worker who told me he would discharge the lady if I pay the balance of Shillings 40,000. I asked him to come for the money and he came running,” said Mbwatekamwa.

On interrogation, Mujimy denied receiving any money from the complainant, saying that he only wanted to meet her husband to explain the condition of his wife, who has an ectopic pregnancy.  An ectopic pregnancy occurs when an embryo implants somewhere other than the uterus, such as in one of the fallopian tubes.

Mujimy’s explanation didn’t convince the legislators who decided to hand him over to police for further investigations. Another expectant mother, Annet Katushabe, a resident of Nshara Nyakashashara in Kiruhura district also disclosed to the committee that she had spent more than five days at the hospital without receiving any medical attention due to lack of a caretaker, mother Kit and money to pay to Doctors.

”I feel the baby moving up and down, Doctors want me to pay them first and get a caretaker before they can attend to me. I have no relative even my Husband is dead,” Katushabe said while pleading with MPs for help. Mbwatekamwa said that they had discovered that bribery is all over the hospital, adding that they would seek explanation from the Medical Superintendent Dr. Obbo Okoth.

The committee also instructed Amos Mugume, the Administrator Lyantonde hospital to evacuate the expectant mothers from the maternity ward by December 15th because of the surging ceiling, which is almost giving way.

Mugume blamed some of the problems at the hospital on poor funding and lack of sufficient manpower. Pauline Kemirembe, the Lyantonde district woman Member of Parliament, said the hospital was only elevated in name, but still offers services of a sub district hospital.

Dr. Michael Bukenya, the Health Committee Chairperson, says the Lyantonde Hospital management is dysfunction as no doctor was found on duty. He also said the hospital lacks an ultra sound scan machine, which would help in diagnosing complications among the expectant mothers.