Day three into the NRA memorial walk, Museveni remembers his bush war challenges

By Deo Wasswa

It is the third day since President Museveni embarked on a trek in memory of National Resistance Army (NRA) bush war.

Before setting off from Kiboga this morning, President Museveni addressed the team and residents about the struggle he endured during the war.

President Museveni confessed that apart from the struggle to capture the power, he had two other challenges, he says he had no blanket and secondly had no toothbrush.

From Kiboga, the team will get a stopover at Pentecostal church in Kateera along Hoima road after covering 8 kilo meters.

The team will also reach to Kagogo below the Famous Katera Hills where the Tanzanian reinforcement army to the Obote Government clashed with the NRA then Rebels.

Hon. Lt. Gen Pecos Kutesa, Gen Elly Tumwine and others almost lost their Lives at these Hills but narrowly Survived.

The journey will climax on day six after covering 191Km