Police Arrest Siblings in Fatal Beating Linked to Family Spirits

In Summary
  • Siblings arrested for fatal beating after brother rejects family spirit ritual in Uganda.
  • Witch doctor and wife detained for confining woman in shrine until death; negligence charged.
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga
Image: Courtesy Photo

Uganda Police have arrested four siblings who beat their brother for refusing to join them in the appeasing of their family spirits.

According to Police spokesperson, the incident happened in Lulagala cell, Kavule ward in Nansana municipality when Namwanja Aloysius, 37 refused to join his siblings in appeasing the family’s dark spirits.

“The four siblings including Isaac Kawuki, Namubiru, Bisaso Tony and Tamale Fred accused their brother of refusing to appease their family dark spirits and as a result, the sprits were allegedly haunting the family and affecting family fortunes. They tied him up , got sticks and started beating him,” Enanga says.

The police spokesperson says Namwanja died due to the beating and his body was set on fire by the siblings, adding that three of the four suspects are currently in police custody after being charged with murder as efforts to trace for Kawuki Isaac, the mastermind of the murder continue.

“It is unfortunate that a domestic dispute over appeasing a dark spirit in a family turned fatal.”Meanwhile, the police in Bugweri in Eastern Uganda have also arrested two people including a witch doctor and his wife for confining a woman in their shrine until she died.

According to police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, Bateganya Bwiga, 62 a witch doctor and his wife, Madina Baseke, 70 were arrested after Margaret Nantale, 53 died in their shrine in Budubye LC1, Buyanga sub county in Bugweri .

Enanga said the witch doctor removed Nantale from another shrine and administered local herbs on her as a form of treatment but despite her condition deteriorating, he refused to take her to hospital for proper medical attention. The police spokesperson said the two suspects will face charges of criminal negligence causing death.