President should have downsized his cabinet

By Daudi Zirimala

Politicians have challenged government’s proposal to merger authorities, commissions and agencies saying these are soft targets which don’t have political crowds .

Speaking about the rationalization of agencies, former spy Chief David Pulkol said that if Government wanted to commit to saving resources, the president would have began with his own house by downsizing the number of ministers and ministries, downsizing number of RDCs and government advisors.

Pulkol says that government would not be spending more money if numbers of districts, members of parliament are reduced because currently government of Uganda directly spends 17% of its total budget to service delivery provision at the local government level, minus administrative cost.

He says that scrapping off useless ministries, districts, municipals among other will improve service delivery in the country through saving resources that would have been spent on emolument of these officers.