Serbian basketball player Boriša Simanić loses kidney.

· South Sudan's Nuni Omot says he's "deeply saddened" by news of the injury

In Summary
  • Boriša Simanić underwent two operations in Manilla after being hit in the side against South Sudan.
  • The Serbian Basketball Federation announced on Monday that Simanić had been operated on twice in Manila, Philippines — one of the three host nations of the World Cup.
Boriša Simanić caught an elbow in the kidney from Nuni Omot.
Boriša Simanić caught an elbow in the kidney from Nuni Omot.
Image: (Getty Images: VCG/Liu Lu)

Boriša Simanić, a Serbian forward, suffered a severe injury during a FIBA World Cup game against South Sudan, resulting in the loss of one of his kidneys. The Serbian Basketball Federation announced that Simanić underwent two surgeries in Manila, Philippines, which was one of the host nations for the World Cup. Unfortunately, complications arose after the first surgery, necessitating a second procedure in which his kidney was removed.

Despite this adversity, Serbia managed to defeat previously unbeaten Lithuania 87-68 in the World Cup quarterfinals, with Simanić's jersey placed on a chair in their bench area as a tribute. Simanić himself texted his teammates, reassuring them of his well-being and urging them to focus on winning. This message provided significant motivation for the team.

The injury deeply affected the Serbian team, with players expressing their concern and support for Simanić. The incident occurred when South Sudan's Nuni Omot inadvertently elbowed Simanić while attempting to score under the basket. Omot, in a statement released by South Sudan's basketball federation, expressed his remorse for the unintentional injury and wished Simanić a speedy recovery.

The Serbian team made efforts to find blood for Simanić due to his significant blood loss, highlighting the seriousness of the situation. Simanić's release from the Manila hospital where he is being treated remains uncertain.

During the World Cup, Simanić played three games for Serbia, contributing three points in approximately 20 minutes off the bench.