PAU's Trubish, Announces Strategic Focus areas for New term

In Summary
  • PAU is committed to exploring new revenue
  • PAU’s goal is to become a federation by 2025
  • The constitution is undergoing amendments
Pool Association of Uganda chairman Bob Trubish, announces strategic focus areas for new term
Image: PAU

After the successful conclusion of the electoral process on January 27, 2024 that returned Bob Trubish unopposed for a new four-year term as the chairman of the Pool Association of Uganda (PAU) has announced key areas of focus in promoting the sport.

The areas of focus includes; identifying credible sponsorships, Federation development, Talent management, infrastructure development among others.

During his inaugural press conference held on 7th February, 2024, Trubish stated that PAU's main focus is on securing sponsorships to support the league, National Open and the National Team.

"Sponsorships will allow us to improve the quality of our events, increase prize money for players, and better support our National Team at international competitions," he noted.

He further added that PAU’s goal is to become a federation by 2025, overseeing regional pool associations across Uganda. Activities in 75% of the country are essential to achieve federation status.

According to him, the journey to become a federation covering regional bodies should be implemented with a clear roadmap by 2025. Currently, the constitution is undergoing amendments to align with the new Sports Act 2023.

He noted that PAU recognizes the need to develop young talent in pool and is taking steps to groom Uganda's next generation of champions.

''The recent success of Kenneth Odong, the U23 champion at the Hawley Cup in South Africa, demonstrates the potential of Uganda's youth in the sport. To tap into this potential, PAU is working to introduce pool to universities, following its addition as a sport at the Association of Uganda University Sports (AUUS) Games.'' He noted.

He added that PAU also aims to explore opportunities to bring pool to primary and secondary schools to identify and develop young players’’ he said, adding that there is tremendous talent in Uganda's youth. By fostering interest in pool at an early age through schools and university programs, we can cultivate this talent and support these players as they progress to compete at the highest levels.

Commenting on infrastructure development, He noted that PAU is committed to exploring new revenue streams to ensure the long-term growth of pool in Uganda.

PAU is considering the construction of pool arenas and a dedicated pool house to serve as a headquarters and training center.

“We want to provide world-class facilities for our players to train, compete and showcase their skills. Permanent infrastructure will raise the profile of pool in Uganda and allow us to host major regional and continental events,” said Trubish.

In addition to facilities, PAU is looking at alternative revenue streams to supplement funding from memberships and event proceeds.

He further stated that PAU's major target is to expand its calendar with more innovative events targeting national coverage. These events will include novice championships, talent searches, corporate competitions, and other initiatives to engage the pool community and the public.

"Pool is a sport that is growing in popularity in Uganda, especially among youth," said Trubish. "By expanding our calendar of events, we aim to make the sport more accessible to people across the country and uncover new talent."

The expanded PAU calendar will include: Novice championships, talent search, corporate competitions and school competitions.

He also commented on Brand building saying that PAU recognizes the need to improve promotion of the sport in order to strengthen its brand and public image.

"Pool is an exciting sport that deserves more attention. Through this campaign, we want to capture the interest of audiences who may not yet appreciate its entertainment value. By raising the sport's profile, we hope to attract new players, fans, and sponsors." He said.

The campaign will leverage social media, television, radio, and live events.

Trubish added, "A whole new audience is ready to discover pool if we can reach them. With more fans and players, pool in Uganda will continue to develop and compete on the world stage."