Capital Radio Backs Deo Akope Challenge: Championing Golf Talent

In Summary
  • Capital Radio sponsors Deo Akope Challenge at Entebbe Golf Club.
  • Over 300 participants registered, promising talent and sportsmanship.
  • Deo Akope aims to nurture young talent with Capital Radio's support.

Capital Radio has announced a significant sponsorship of five million shillings for the highly anticipated Deo Akope Challenge, set to unfold this weekend at the prestigious Entebbe Golf Club. With over 300 participants already signed up, the event promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent and sportsmanship.

In a gesture of unwavering support, Capital Radio CEO Peter Mungoma personally presented the sponsorship cheque to professional golfer Deo Akope on Thursday, ensuring the smooth execution of the challenge. Mungoma underscored the station's deep-seated commitment to promoting the sport of golf, highlighting Akope's integral role in Uganda's golfing landscape.

"Deo Akope epitomizes the spirit of golf and professional excellence in Uganda. As a radio station dedicated to fostering sports development, particularly in games like golf, we are delighted to once again throw our support behind the Deo Akope Challenge," expressed Mungoma.


He added, "We are proud to stand alongside Deo Akope and affirm our support for the game of golf. Our hope is that all participating golfers will not only enjoy the challenge but also experience the true essence of the sport."

For Akope, the annual challenge serves as a platform to unearth young talents, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and contribute to the growth of golf in the country.

"In golf, you often find that children from affluent families may not take it seriously, whereas those from less privileged backgrounds see it as a pathway to a better future. That's why, in my retirement from professional golf, I aim to give back to the community and nurture the next generation of golfers," shared Akope gratefully.

Acknowledging Capital Radio's pivotal role as a major sponsor, he added, "I am immensely thankful to Capital Radio for their generous sponsorship. Their support means a lot, especially for the inaugural edition of this event."

The challenge features categories catering to juniors, amateurs, professionals, and ladies, reflecting its inclusive nature and commitment to promoting diversity in golf.

Through his own inspiring journey, Akope hopes to ignite a passion for golf among young talents, irrespective of their backgrounds. Reflecting on his humble beginnings, he shared, "My golfing journey started with makeshift clubs crafted from cassava sticks, mimicking the golfers at Entebbe Golf Club. I didn't hail from a golfing or affluent family, but I persevered."

Indeed, the Deo Akope Challenge stands not only as a testament to the resilience of its namesake but also as a beacon of hope for aspiring golfers across Uganda.