Two judges decline to hear Bobi Wine’s applications

By Sania Babirye

National unity platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi and his wife Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi have petitioned the high court over their alleged illegal house arrest by the government.

According to their lawyers led by Anthony Wameeli and Turyasiima Geoffrey, the continued illegal detention of the two since the 14th of this month after voting is an infringement to their rights to personal liberty and wants court to issue a habeas corpus to the attorney general, the chief of Defense forces and the inspector General of police to produce the two before court for proper orders.

The lawyers claim that since Kyagulanyi who was a presidential candidate in the concluded presidential elections and his wife cast their votes and went home, their homes have been since surrounded by military and police personnel who do not allow them to leave or have access to their doctors, relatives, friends and lawyers yet the army and police has not given any reason why they are holding their clients under house arrest.

However, Lawyer Wameeli says two judges have declined to hear the application including justice Esther Nambayo who claims that she has a nother case that is related to the applicants which is that of the NUP members led by Bobiwine’s body guard Eddie Mutwe in which they are challenging their trial in the army court.

Justice Musa Sekana had also refused to hear the application stating that he presided over the Concluded case in which Kyagulanyi and others had been sued by the founders of his party accusing him of taking over their party illegally and people might accuse him of being biased or not objective.

Now the case has been allocated to justice Michael Elubu.