UBL Cautions Customers on Imitated Automotive Batteries.

By Edwin Muhumuza

Uganda Batteries Limited (UBL), the leading manufacturer of automotive and solar batteries has urged its customers to be on the lookout for imitations of its automotive batteries on the market.

The Marketing Director UBL, Moses Zizinga, said,’’ the design, shape, size and logo is identical to us and we believe with such a product on the market it will create confusion in the face of customers.”

He added, ‘We are not against competition because its healthy, it helps us to improve but we are against imitation just like any manufacturer.”

Late last year, NBL, a new player into the market started making imitation batteries with the name NBL. The product features are identical to those of UBL in design, shape, logo, and sizes which make it possible for customers to be duped into buying undesired products unknowingly.

‘’On 3rd May 2019 we secured a court injunction to this effect which was prohibiting the use of NBL batteries on the market in terms of producing them or distributing them until this injunction is done away with.’’ Zizinga revealed.

UBL Head of Legal , Marvin Mulinde noted that the only challenge was that anything that comes out that creates a perception that will make the market believe that it is something else other than what it is ,is why they decided to take the matter to court.

‘building a brand takes a lot of time and investment and once you do it you would want it to continue to keep the organization going and that is why we believe that the UBL brand is a strong brand and we would want to continue promoting that brand in its own strength.’

Uganda boasts of a liberal business environment that encourages competition and new players in the market which comes with huge economic benefits for the country including; jobs creation, more taxes to government for the country’s development, heightened creativity and innovation for businesses to stand out and of course, competitive pricing for the benefit of the consumer.

However the, growth in the industry, equally comes with some challenges that if not addressed, can deter healthy competition and delivery of outstanding value to customers including unfair competition, product imitation and a host of other things that could affect business operations.

Mr. Zizinga, provided tips on how UBL’s customers can quickly identify the company’s authentic batteries; Checking for the logo with the letters UBL, Checking for the yellow top vent plugs Checking for the battery’s engraved code and unique series number.