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Witness jailed for howling threats before the judge

By Sania Babirye
A witness has been arrested and thrown into court cells for threatening to kill a suspect in front of a judge.

The hostile suspect names withheld had appeared before Buganda road court grade one magistrate Robert Mukanza to testify against a one James Okecho whom he accused of robing him one million shillings and other personal valuable belongings including National ID and other original documents.

However when the suspect went into the court dock for witnesses to further testify, state prosecutor Cingtho informed court that the family of the suspect had agreed to pay back the money Okecho stole from him.

However, the witness instead informed the magistrate that he would only accept the said money with all other documents that were stolen returned in their original form.

The suspect also told court that the documents were in his house in Mbale but the relatives who were sent to collect the said documents instead informed court that the documents were not there but were willing to give him other documents that are certified but not original.

This angered the witness who started screaming and banging his hands in the court room stating that he was going to kill the suspect if his documents and National ID are not returned in their original form.

His threats went on for about 20 minutes and eventually when they let him off the stand and went in court, two court security officers came and arrested him and took him behind court cells.

Meanwhile his case was further adjourned to the 28th of this month.