Woman ordered to defend self over murder of her co-wife

By Sania Babirye
A  29year old woman  Hadijah Namyalo Lutaaya who is charged with killing her co wife by running over her with her vehicle in 2014  has been ordered to defend herself.
 Kampala high court judge Jane Francis Abodo made the order after ruling that prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence to sustain the charge.
According to justice Abodo,  she found a pre-ma-facie case against Namyalo to explain the circumstances under which her co wife Eva Ndagire  died during the incident.
The judge further explained that she took into account the suspects threats in which she threatened the deceased’s mother Kakirija Josephine to warn her daughter from going after her husband or she would cause harm to her by running her over with her car in March 2014, something that allegedly came true in September the same year.
Prosecution states that on the 23rd of September 2014, Namyalo  while driving a Pajero vehicle completed her mission by knocking dead Ndagire at Kkona trading center in Wakiso district.

An eye witnesses told court that the suspect  before knocking dead  the victim  who was walking alongside the road  made sure that she was the one walking by flashing  full lights of her car  before deeming them to carry out her final mission.

She is later alleged  to have accelerated on the right side which the deceased was walking on killing her instantly.

She has been remanded back to Luzira prison until the 11th of September when she will start defending herself.

If convicted of murder, Namyalo will be handed a death maximum sentence.