Women’s rights advocates say a lot needs to be done

As Uganda joins the rest of the world tomorrow to commemorate the international women’s day, organizations advocating for the rights of women and children, say that although women in Uganda can cerebrate some achievements in terms of development, but a lot needs to be done to get them out of poverty.

Tina Musuya the executive director of center for domestic violence prevention note that women are still seen as second choice to men which has limited many to develop.

Musuya say that unless women have equal rights to property, they will never get out of poverty since it’s only their labour used on land.

“It is assumed that when bride price is paid in many communities, she is also part of the property of the man , that means she doesn’t have equal ownership rights, now the issue of women’s right to property is a big challenge.

Musuya also note that many women still experience interment partner violence, including sexual abuse, being beaten and others left with the burden of providing for all needs of the family even when their partners are working.

On leadership positions, she noted that women are still few in leadership positions and calls them to strive more and at least have 50% representation in the leadership roles.

The woman activist further said that although many women have tried to work but many are sexually abused from their work places.

The executive director High sound for children Hadija Mwanje also said that the rate at which men are denying their responsibility is high, where by many have left the burden of providing for the children to women.

Mwanje say that the focus should also go on the boy child in order to prepare them grow as responsible fathers and husbands.