Azawi's Sankofa Album - a Melodic Tapestry of Memories and Dreams

In Summary
  • Azawi, renowned musician of Swangz Avenue, unveils upcoming album "Sankofa" after hit single "Ten Over Ten," featuring collaborations and emotional melodies.
  • "Sankofa" reflects on the past, embraces the future, with a private listening party and October 9th release, showcasing Azawi's musical prowess.
New Album SANKOFA 🧚🏿‍♂️ 🎶🌟 Drops 9th October! Get ready to Embrace the Melodies of the Past to Shape the Harmonies of Tomorrow 🎵 #SankofaTheAlbum
New Album SANKOFA 🧚🏿‍♂️ 🎶🌟 Drops 9th October! Get ready to Embrace the Melodies of the Past to Shape the Harmonies of Tomorrow 🎵 #SankofaTheAlbum
Image: Azawi

Excitement is filling the air as the sensational musician Azawi, a prized gem of Swangz Avenue, has unveiled thrilling news to her legion of fans and followers. Following the resounding success of her latest hit Ten Over Ten, which has amassed over a million streams on different digital platforms, Azawi is on an exhilarating high. Today, she amplifies the jubilation by announcing her forthcoming album, aptly titled Sankofa.

The album's very name, Sankofa, is an indication of its essence reminiscing the past to forge ahead. With over 14 meticulously curated tracks, Sankofa is set to be a masterpiece, a symphony of melodies and tales intricately woven. Azawi's collaboration prowess shines bright, with international musicians, composers, and producers lending their artistry to the album's rich tapestry.

Among the highlights are the enticing collaborations that punctuate the album, drawing together diverse musical talents. Every song has been handpicked to deliver an auditory feast, promising not just notes, but an emotional journey through resonating lyrics and captivating sounds.

As a testament to her commitment to excellence, Azawi plans an exclusive private listening party.

Sankofa echoes a time-honored tradition set by Azawi's previous album, as it is slated for release on October 9th, a date etched with significance. Azawi, in her tenure with Swangz Avenue, has already adorned her musical repertoire with an EP "Lo-Fit" and an African Music album.

Azawi's Ten Over Ten, has been an anthem that has taken over Fiji's musical landscape for two consecutive months since its April release which further cements her prowess in her next chapter of Sankofa, a collection of memories, melodies, and a forward march into the rhythm of life.