Public marriage proposal rejections worry Nwagi

In Summary
  • Nwagi says publicly rejecting  marriage proposals hinders other men from proposing
  • According to her publicly rejecting  a proposal is being mean
Winnie Nwagi
Image: Courtesy Photo

Nakanwagi Winnie alias Winnie Nwagi is worried about the level at which girls publicly reject marriage proposals reasoning that it may hinder fellow men from proposing to other women.

Men have embraced the western culture of publicly (kneeling) putting down one knee and ask their girlfriends for marriage, this usually leads to two outcomes, “the woman either accepts the proposal or rejects it”.

However the level at which women reject proposals has gone high which has created mixed reactions among Ugandans including the “Kano Koze” singer.

Nwagi revealed her opinion via her Snapchat stories and said that it is not right.

Winnioe Nwagi's Snapchat Story
Winnioe Nwagi's Snapchat Story
Image: Courtesy Photo

According to her , gestures of publicly rejecting proposals may discourage other men from proposing to their women assuming that they will also embarrass them.

Fire baby advised that women shouldn’t humiliate men but rather accept proposals in public then turn them down privately.

She added that men put in a lot of efforts to come up with marriage proposals therefore women should stop being mean but rather act politely in public.