Capital Radio gives back to its listeners

In Summary
  • The promotion is to award Capital radio listeners
  • The first listener to hear the selected three hits wins cash.
300k Triplle Play

Capital FM has started a promotion dubbed  “300K Triple Play” intended to give back or award its loyal listeners.

All week the station gives money to its listeners who keep listening its hit songs such as Alcohol by Joe boy,Thank God by Vinka and What to do by Rotimi. These hits are worth lots of money.

If a listener hears one song among the three, they win fifty thousand shillings, if they hear two songs play back to back they win  one hundred thousand shillings and if they hear those three hits play back to back in their right order, they win three hundred thousand shillings (300,000)

The first listener who hears any of those hits and calls in wins themselves cash.

Stay tuned to hear them play, be the first to call us, and win the money.

It’s that simple. No hard questions.

It’s just 300k Triple Play! On Capital FM, Your Number One Fresh Hits Station