Lucky calls for the bad drivers exhibition

In Summary
  • The exhibition is purposely to  improve the country
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Lucky Mbabazi Hosts #GaetanoAndLucky from 6AM-10AM
Image: Bright Baba

Uganda has a number of challenges that authorities have failed to solve for a long time .

This continues to disappoint Ugandans and for awareness they started a social media campaign exhibiting the challenges Ugandans are facing due to poor services from the government.

Following the one for Kampala  potholes that was successful, Gaetano and Lucky had a discussion asking their listeners to share the other challenges that need to be exhibited for them to be fixed in a bid to improve service delivery in the country.

According to Lucky there should be an exhibition for bad drivers who even reach the extent of causing accidents.

She added that the public needs a documentation that permits it to exhibit bad drivers together with their number plates.

On his part ,Gaetano highlighted the need for the customer care exhibition, he explained that Ugandan service providers have bad customer care which hinders the growth of their businesses.