Tips on what to consider while choosing a school for a child

In Summary
  • Distance is one of the things to consider.
  • Gaetano says that parents should consider their financial muscle.

Parents usually find January a tough month because it takes a lot of their time looking for the best schools for their children.

Having realized that, Gaetano and Lucky decided to give parents several tips on what to consider while choosing  schools for the young ones.

Gaetano said that parents should consider the schools' past performance reasoning that good grades is a symbol  that even new comers will perform better .

However he warned them to be careful  that some schools put out fake pupil's  results with the intention of enticing  parents .He sighted that they should follow up and ensure that those results are always true.

Gaetano also advised parents to  consider schools  they can financially afford  explaining that always being a school fees defaulter may make a child hate studying.

On her part ,Lucky urged  parents to go for schools  that also teach children social skills such as growing their talents,teaching them morals among others.According to her excelling in academics is not enough for one to succeed .

She added that as parents look for  schools ,they should pay attention to  children's views,Lucky explained that some children hate or prefer certain schools for valid reasons.

"The distance between home  and school is as well a matter parents should consider because Children always have emergency cases ,so schools shouldn't be very  far from home",Lucky noted.