Gaetano and Lucky breakdown the truths of life

In Summary
  • Gaetano says that Stupidity is here sto stay
  • Lucky embraced that one cant be loved by the whole world
Gaetano and Lucky

As people grow up  amidst the challenges and achievements of life ,they come to realize that there are certain truths  about life that can never change no matter what happens .

Gaetano said that  certain truths exist but sometimes people take longer to embrace them ,he sighted some of the truths he has personally made peace with.

He revealed  that he made peace with the fact that  stupidity will always exist, adding  that in every situation there will be a person  with a weird character regardless of how serious it may be.

What TRUTHs about life have you come to realize as you grow up? #GaetanoAndLucky

Posted by Capital FM Uganda on Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Just like Gaetano ,Lucky also agreed that there are some truths of life, noting that she accepted that one can't be loved by the whole world .

She narrated  that she used to be bothered  about being hated  by the majority but currently she is okay with it.

"I used to get a little uncomfortable but I am at a space where I've realized that you cannot be everybody's cup of tea," Lucky explained.