Lucky thinks it is okay for learners to have phones at school

In Summary
  1. Lucky says its okay for learners to stay with phones but under supervision
  2. Gaetano reveals that teachers may fail to effectively supervise them
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

COVID-19 lockdown shook systems causing changes in certain aspects including education, learners had to study online using phones and other gadgets. When schools were fully reopened, some schools continued to allow learners to use gadgets while others didn’t.

The Ministry of Education and Sports has come out to state that it is studying the impact of allowing gadgets at school as one way to facilitate learning, the Minister of Higher Education John Chrysostom Muyingo explained that the ministry is so mindful considering that phones can also turn into a distraction to learners.

However Gaetano and Lucky discussed whether it is wise to let learners stay with phones at school and Lucky was so positive about it noting that phones can work as teaching materials but under supervision adding that they even ease studying.

Lucky Mbabazi

Gaetano disagreed arguing that teachers may fail to perfectly supervise learners which may lead them into misuse and distraction.

Gaetano added that the use of phones may also make learners lazy citing that in case they are given assignments they might use their gadgets instead of their brains.

Gaetano Kagwa