Gaetano and Lucky advice on parenting

In Summary
  1. Gaetano says that parenting never ends regardless of the child's age.
  2. Lucky urged parents to continue supporting their children financially
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Image: Bright Baba

Parenting is still a challenge in the country and the fact that  it's not effectively practiced,some children have adopted dangerous habits such as drug abuse,theft ,prostitution ,dropped out of school ,while others have committed suicide.

 Gaetano and Lucky discussed about the things parents should never stop doing for their children regardless of how old they get.

Lucky explained that some parents take   their children as old  when they reach a certain age , they stop providing for them even when they  are not yet in positions to  be independent.

According to her ,parents should continue supporting their children financially whenever need arises reasoning that children usually struggle financially but because there parents made them believe that they are old enough,they continue suffering leading them into being wasted.

She adds that parents shouldn't even wait for children to ask for the money but rather show up  whenever they realize that the child is struggling.

Just like Lucky,Gaetano noted that parenting never stops even when the child is old,he stated that parents should continue showing their children emotional intimacy .

Gaetano noted that emotional intimacy strengthens children ,and with strength ,they get the courage to manage the challenges life throws to them.