Police Urge School Security Review

In Summary
  • Police advise school administrators to review security measures.
  • Deploy sober security guards to prevent attacks.
  • Check for prohibited items like drugs, smartphones, and alcohol.
  • Examine students' health for signs of abuse.
  • Parents should escort children to school and establish clear home rules for safety.
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga
Image: Courtesy Photo

Police have appealed to school administrators to review their emergency and security preparations within and around their schools following the opening of term three today.This is under the safety tips issued by police to school administration , parents and students.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga noted that the review of the security and emergency measures within and around the schools will ensure the safety of children while in schools but also ensure students don’t enter schools with prohibited items.He asked schools to deploy sobber and able -bodied security guards around school premises to avoid incidents of being attacked like it happened recently when unknown gangs targeted schools.

Enanga also asked school administrations to be on the lookout for drugs being brought in by students both in boarding and day scholars.He noted that there should be thorough check up at the school gates for narcotic drugs, smartphones, alcohol, electric gadgets and glass bottles among others.

According to police, schools should examine the health condition of students as they return to school to for any signs of child abuse but also asked parents to always escort children up to classrooms to avoid incidents of being grabbed as they go to school by strangers.

Enanga also urged parents to have non-negotiable home rules that will help children not to join gangs where they might get spoilt from.He said that if these safety tips are fully implemented, children will be safe while at school and at home.